Coccole and Nuvola Bedpets for £19.90

Featuring a waterproof and rubberized fabritc, these coccole and nuvola bedpets can be ideal for most four-legged friends

Coccole and Nuvola Bedpets

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Coccole and Nuvola Bedpets for £19.90



  • ‘Coccole’ and ‘Nuvola’ bedpets for dogs and cats
  • Inner part is composed of soft polyester which make the article soft to the touch
  • In this way it results more comfortable for your four-legged friends
  • Base is composed of waterproof and rubberized fabric to ensure the best safety to you pet
  • Dimensions
    • Small coccole: 48cm x 42cm x 16cm
    • Medium coccole: 59cm x 53cm x 18cm
    • Large coccole: 75cm x 65cm x 20cm
    • Small nuvola: 44cm x 34cm x 15cm
    • Medium nuvola: 62cm x 50cm x 17cm
    • Large nuvola: 84cm x 66cm x 19cm
  • Care instructions: hand wash, do not bleach, do not dry clean and do not iron it
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Resistant and soft to the touch
  • Equipped with rubberized back