Kinderkraft Two-in-One High Chair With Free Delivery for £58

[TrustDealOfTheDay] Ideal for home and travel, this chair takes a little space and can be quickly folded to be hidden or transported after the meal

Kinderkraft Two-in-One High Chair With Free Delivery

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Kinderkraft Two-in-One High Chair With Free Delivery for £58



  • Brand: Kinderkraft
  • Model: Pini
  • Highchair for infants from 6 months and a kids chair for children up to 5 years
  • Form-fitting shape designed to maintain a proper, ergonomic position
  • Backrest properly supports the child’s back
  • Seat depth enables most of the youngest children to bend their knees in the right place
  • Aims to ensure a comfortable position during kids’ first meals
  • Double top has space for a bottle or cup and no nooks to prevent the accumulation of leftovers
  • Distance between the tray and the child can be adjusted with one hand to adapt the chair to your toddler and place the child in the chair
  • Stable armrests help to increase the comfort
  • Adjusted footrest with two-step height adjustment aims to protect the child from slipping from the chair and helps maintain a normal sitting position
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold
  • Requires no tools
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Ideal for almost any space
  • Three-point safety belts
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Coloured stickers included
  • Foldable and detachable tray for easy storage and transport of the chair
  • Non-slip leg floor pads provide full stability and security

  • Easily washable material designed to keep the ideal condition for years
  • Material: PP plastic
  • Chair weight: 4.7 kg
  • Chair dimensions (unfolded): 65cm x 65cm x 84cm
  • Chair dimensions (folded): 65cm x 33cm x 95cm


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